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Wisconsin Residents

A couple things have changed that you need to know (and have likely seen on the news) regarding the upcoming application process on November 1, 2011.

  1. 4 HOUR TRAINING REQUIREMENT: As we had stated all along, the DOJ is requiring that in order to obtain your Wisconsin permit you must have attended a 4 hour training course. ALL LEGAL HEAT CLASSES TAUGHT IN WISCONSIN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AT LEAST 4 HOURS LONG. Thus, if you took a Legal Heat course you can rest assured you’ve met your training requirement, just as we promised.
  2. NEW CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: There are two ways to prove that you’ve done the above training. (1): Send in a photocopy of your Utah or Arizona concealed firearm permit if you already obtained it. If you have either of these permits you do not need the certificate of completion we gave you at the class. (2): If you did not obtain the Utah or Arizona permits then YOU WILL NEED A NEW CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION FROM US. The DOJ has imposed some rather silly wording requirements for the certificate of completion, so we need to get you a new “properly worded” certificate prior to November 1st.
If you need a new certificate of completion there are four ways to get one, listed in order of preference:
  1. Email us (contact@mylegalheat.com) a scanned copy of your certificate of completion. We will email you back a signed copy of the new certificate within 24 hours. Please put “New Wisconsin Certificate” in the subject line of the email.
  2. Stop by ANY upcoming Legal Heat class with your old certificate and we’ll trade it for a new one.
  3. Fax us (877-699-6915) a copy of your certificate of completion and provide us with an email address to send a scanned copy back to you.
  4. Mail us your certificate of completion and we’ll either mail or email you back a copy of the new certificate. They can be mailed to instructor Phil Nelsen at the below address:
Phillip Nelsen
415 N Jefferson St.
Moscow, ID 83843
We are extremely excited for the new law to take effect and are very pleased that this is the only hiccup we ran into. Unfortunately there are several thousand people who attended less than requisite classes that will need to retake their course, we went to GREAT lengths to ensure that didn’t happen to our students. As always, we appreciate your business and are always here to help in any way possible.



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