Which permit is right for you?

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Legal Heat qualifies students to obtain a LOT of different state permits (roughly 20 in all). Below we’ve attempted to explain the differences between the permits, as well as explain how to apply for the most popular permits.

UTAH PERMIT – The Utah permit is one of our most popular permits. Currently the Utah permit is recognized in 34 states (see map below). Legal Heat has qualified nearly 20,000 people to obtain the Utah permit and it continues to be a great option for those wishing to carry outside of their home state.


  • In order to obtain the Utah permit you must attend one of our courses regardless of any previous firearm training.
  • Before applying for Utah’s permit you must first have your home state permit if you live in any of the green or blue states shown above. You do not need your home state permit before you take our course, only before you apply for the permit.
  • Utah’s permit costs $51 for non-residents, and $46 for residents.
  • Your application to the state of Utah must contain: (1) A signed and stamped application, (2) One passport sized photograph, (3) One fingerprint card, (4) A photocopy of your drivers license, (5) A photocopy of your home state concealed permit (if you live in any of the green or blue states shown above), and (6) a payment of $65. All of these materials are provided at our courses, fingerprinting is available at most of our courses for a small additional charge.
  • Utah takes roughly 60 days to send you your permit. The permit must be renewed every five years for a cost of $15. You do not need to retake the class.
ARIZONA PERMIT – Arizona’s permit is the new guy on the block, and is quickly surpassing Utah’s permit in popularity. Like Utah, the Arizona permit is recognized in a lot of states (35 total), but unlike Utah you do not need to obtain your home state permit prior to applying for an Arizona permit.
  • You must either have a Legal Heat certificate of completion OR a photocopy of your Utah permit (past students) to apply for the Arizona permit.
  • In order to obtain an Arizona application you must call (800) 256-6280 and request an application packet.
  • Your application to the state of Arizona must include: (1) A completely filled out application, (2) Two fingerprint cards, (3) a payment of $60.
  • On the back of the Arizona application it says something about an 8 hour training course and asks for the instructor’s signature, disregard that section. You can leave that section blank and instead just send in a copy of your Legal Heat certificate of completion.
  • Arizona’s permit must be renewed every 5 years for a fee of $25, you do not need to retake the course.
  • All of these permits can be obtained by submitting a Legal Heat certificate of completion to the appropriate state authority. Applications for these permits are provided at the course, as well as details on how to apply.
  • Generally the answer to this questions is yes. Even though a Utah or Arizona permit may be recognized in your state, most states require that you must have your home state’s permit to carry within your home state. There are several other benefits to obtaining your home state permit and we always recommend you do so if at all possible.
  • Legal Heat classes qualify students to obtain at least the following permits: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Oregon, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming
  • DO I NEED TO GET 35 DIFFERENT PERMITS? No, the single Utah permit in your wallet allows you to carry in over 30 different states. Likewise the single Arizona permit in your wallet allows you to carry in over 30 different states.
  • DOES IT HAVE A PICTURE? Utah’s does. Arizona’s does not, most state permits do not. Your picture is taken and printed for you at our classes.


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