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Posted: May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

To celebrate the release of the Legal Heat: 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws iPhone & Android apps we are giving away $100 Visa Giftcards to two lucky people (details on how to enter below). The apps have been received extremely well and are currently the most widely used mobile resources on the market. The iPhone app has been ranked in the top 50 for its category nearly every day since its release and is currently at number 14! We will continually update and improve these apps to make sure that they represent in every way the quality that would be expected by the firearm community. We welcome your comments and input as we strive to make them the best resources available.  We are just getting started, many more improvements are coming down the pipeline.

“The Legal Heat app for iPhone and Android is invaluable for people who travel with a gun.” USCCA Vol. 9, Issue 4.

To our extreme surprise and joy, one of the largest concealed carry organizations in America (U.S. Concealed Carry Association) just informed us that this month’s edition of their magazine (Vol. 9, Issue 4) features a raving review of the app. We are honored that an organization like USCCA would take the time to feature our app and so we want to celebrate by giving away some stuff (what better way to celebrate right?).


In order to qualify you must complete at least 3 of the following 5 things (these will be verified before prizes are mailed):

  1. Share this Blog post on your Facebook or Twitter account (or someone else’s Facebook or Twitter account if you don’t have one).
  2. Leave a positive review of the iPhone or Android apps on iTunes or the Android Marketplace (or update your current review).
  3. Follow Legal Heat on Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress
  4. Upload a picture to our Facebook account (or email us) of how you use the Legal Heat book, iPhone, or Android apps.
  5. Stand on a street corner (or other public venue) and loudly profess how much you love the Legal Heat iPhone or Android apps (must include a video emailed or uploaded to our Facebook page, we’re hoping at least one person chooses this option).

Once you have completed 3 of the above 5 items, you must leave a comment on THIS POST or our FACEBOOK POSTS saying “I’m in”. All of the names will be collected and assigned a number (in descending order) and a drawing will be held on Friday 06/08/12 (using The winners will be announced and notified.  Good luck!!

We want to thank everyone for their support as we have grown our company over the last 5 years. We are extremely grateful for all of you who not only support our company, but also support the right to keep and bear arms on the federal, state, and municipal level.

To download the iPhone app click here

To download the Android app click here

While you’re at it, check out Legal Heat’s other resources:

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