Legal Heat News – September 2012

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Legal Heat is very grateful for the support we’ve had from our students and retail partners. We have grown from a local business teaching 3-4 people per week in our home, to a nationwide business that trains nearly 20,000 students each year. We take a great deal of pride in what we do and thank each and every one of you for helping us get to where we are today. We’re excited about the additions we’ve made to our company and want to pass along some of what is happening around here.

New Office:

In May of 2012 we finished the remodel of our new offices in North Ogden, Utah. Our office provides  a home base for our 6 employees, a training room for local courses, and also houses our law office (Nelsen Law Offices).

The new Legal Heat headquarters are located in North Ogden, Utah (only a few miles from the home of the great John Moses Browning). The offices also feature a training room on the main floor that accommodates up to 50 students.

The Legal Heat trailers out front our North Ogden, Utah, office.

New Locations:

Legal Heat has some of the best retail partners in the business and we have developed some great friendships over the years. With a lot of recent additions we are very optimistic about the future and looking forward to entering new markets in the near future.


The Legal Heat: 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws app is the most widely used app of its kind in America.

Legal Heat App:

The Legal Heat app has long been the most widely used concealed (and open) carry app on the market. We invented the concealed carry app and are very proud of it. We have made a lot of improvements to the app recently and also launched it on several new platforms. Currently, the Legal Heat app is available on iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and in traditional book format. We were very pleased to recently be featured by the US Concealed Carry Association. We will continue to work to make the app the absolute best reference available for those who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

New Instructor:

We are very pleased to introduce Dustin as a new member of our instructor team. Dustin has been teaching concealed firearm and NRA training courses for years and was chosen from nearly 50 applicants because

Dustin brings a lot to the table and we are very pleased to have him on the Legal Heat team.

of his expertise and integrity. Dustin has already put in thousands of miles since we brought him on and we  have been hearing great things about the quality of his courses.

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  1. Monty Madary says:

    I do not use Facebook or Twitter so how can people like me enter your contests? I have your 50 state book but things every day. I do not want to be denied the info because I do not use these social networks. thank you. Monty